Research Group

Current PhD Students

  1. Rifat Hasan (2nd year PhD student) His main research interest is statistical shape analysis and shape distribution modeling with applications to advanced manufacturing.

  2. Isaac Adjetey (1st year PhD student) His main research interest is surrogate modeling and sequential experiments with applications to digital twin and cyber physical systems.

Past PhD Students

  1. Ming-yang Li (co-chaired by Prof. Richard Liang, PhD Industrial Engineering, 2016) Thesis Title: Topological and Electrical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Networks. Currently Assistant Professor in Feng Chia University, Taiwan.

  2. Adeseye Agbabiaka (PhD Industrial Engineering, 2017) Thesis Title: Ensemble Pruning Algorithms in Machine Learning.

  3. Xin Li (PhD, Industrial Engineering, 2018) Thesis Title: Sparsity-Regularized Learning for Nano-Metrology. Currently Postdoctoral Associate in Oak Ridge National Lab.

  4. Garret Vo (PhD, Industrial Engineering, 2019) Thesis Title: Large-Scale Multi-Target Tracking Problem for Interaction Targets. Currently Data Scientist in National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and also Adjunct Faculty in George Mason University.

  5. Chen Mu (PhD, Industrial Engineering, 2021) Thesis Title: Electron Tomographic Reconstruction with Sparse Noise Filters and Shape Priors. Currently Sr. Data Scientist in Circle-K, Inc.

Past Master Students

  1. Kartheek Allada (MS Industrial Engineering, 2015) Thesis Title: Image Segmentation for Extracting Nanoparticles. Currently in Weston Foods.

  2. Huzefa Ghadiyali (MS Industrial Engineering, 2016) Thesis Title: Partial Gauss-Seidel Approach to Solve Large Scale Linear Systems. Currently Owner of Marvel Enterprises.

  3. Ali Esmaieeli (MS Industrial Engineering, 2017) Thesis Title: Regressing over Linear-Circular Data Using a Mixture of Linear-Linear Regression Models. Currently VP and Data Scientist Lead in JP Morgan Chase & Co.

  4. Sylwia Kakareko (MS Industrial Engineering, 2020) Thesis Title: Modeling a Probability Distribution of Elastic Curves with Applications to Nanoparticle Shape Analysis. Currently in Aero Glow International.