Group News

[September. 2021] Chiwoo Park publishes a new book.

Data Science for Nano Image Analysis, Springer Nature (book website, press release)

[August. 2021] Isaac Adjetey joined our research group as a PhD student.

[July 2021] Work with AFRL on variable selection in Gaussian process regression is now in press on IISE Transactions.

Variable Selection for Gaussian Process Regression through a Sparse Projection (In Press Article)

[July 2021] Work with AFRL regarding Gaussian process modeling under control uncertainty is now in press on Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering.

Gaussian Process Surrogate Modeling Under Control Uncertainties for Yield Prediction of Carbon Nanotube Production Processess (In Press Article)

[May 2021] Perspective on autonomous experimentation for materials development is accepted for publication in Matter.

Autonomous Experimentation Systems for Materials Development: A Community Perspective (In Press Article)

[March 2021] Chen Mu successfully defended his PhD thesis.

Thesis title: Electron Tomographic Reconstruction with Sparse Noise Filter and Shape Priors.

[Jan. 2021] Rifat Hasan joined our research group as a PhD student.

[Aug. 2020] Work with Noh and Srivastava is on Arxiv

Data Science for Motion and Time Analysis with Modern Motion Sensor Data (paper)

[Aug. 2020] Work with AFRL is on Arxiv

Variable selection for Gaussian process regression through a sparse projection (paper)

[Feb. 2020] Fast and efficient tomography reconstruction algorithm is now on PR

Sparse Filtered SIRT for electron tomography (paper)

[Jan. 2020] Preprint with AFRL is on Arxiv.

Robust Gaussian process regression with a bias model (paper)

[Nov. 2019] Preprint with AFRL is on Arxiv.

Gaussian process metamodeling for experiments with manipulating factors (paper)

[Oct. 2019] Paper with Qian, Huang and Ding is now on AOAS

Fast dynamic nonparametric distribution tracking in electron microscopic data, Annals of Applied Statistics, 13 (3), 1537--1563. (paper)

[Jun. 2019] invited review with ding is on MRS Communications

Automating material image analysis for material discovery, MRS Communications, 9(2), 545-555. (paper)

[Apr. 2019] Preprint with Qiu is on Arxiv.

Sequential Adaptive Design for Jump Regression Estimation (paper)