Chiwoo Park, PhD

Associate Professor

Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty (2013) BrainPool Fellow (2020)

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Short Introduction

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Florida A&M University - Florida State University. I obtained B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Seoul National University in 2001. I received Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX in 2011 under the guidance of Yu Ding in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Jianhua Huang in Statistics at Texas A&M University. In Fall 2016, I joined the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Florida A&M University - Florida State University as an Assistant Professor. I became an Associate Professor with tenure in 2017.

My main research interest lies in machine learning and data science with applications to advanced manufacturing and materials science. I am particularly interested in modeling and analysis of object data. It concerns statistical analysis of complex objects and their visual features (such as image, shape, motion, function and directions). Object data are normally non-Euclidean features. Conventional statistical tools developed for Euclidean data do not apply here. Relevant research around object data is to define proper probability spaces of object data over Riemannian manifolds and develop associated statistical inference algorithms. Many of my methodological studies are motivated by the problem of understanding structure-property relations in materials processing. In 2021, I authored the book Data Science for Nano Image Analysis, which summarizes many of my works in these areas. Another application is Data Science for Motion and Time Analysis of Human and Machine Operators in Operations Research.

My other research is AI-driven scientific discovery with focus on modeling of physical and computer experiments and active learning (or sequential adaptive design) for effective exploration of large dimensional experimental spaces for important scientific findings. Gaussian process surrogate modeling of experiments has been popular modeling choices. However, the GP modelings are not great modeling choices when the response surfaces of experiments are expected to be discontinuous. I have recently started working on some alternative modeling approaches such as jump regression analysis and related experimental design (or active learning) strategies.

Brief Bio

A. Education

Seoul National University. Industrial Engineering (Cum Laude) B.S. 2001

Texas A&M University. Industrial & Systems Engineering. Ph.D. 2011

B. Appointments

2017–present Associate Professor (with tenure). Florida A&M University - Florida State University. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

2020-2020 Visiting Professor. Sungkyunkwan University. Systems Management Engineering. e-Manufacturing Lab.

2019-2019 Visiting Professor. Air Force Research Lab. Manufacturing and Materials Directorate.

2011–2017 Assistant Professor. Florida A&M University - Florida State University. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

2005–2006 Consultant Deloitte Consulting. IT Consulting Service.

2001–2005 Software Engineer Handysoft Corp. Real-time Enterprise Research Center.

C. Honors and Awards

  • Nominee, Best Faculty at the College, Nominated by Graduating Seniors in FAMU-FSU Engineering (2021)

  • AFRL Summer Faculty Fellowship, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (2021)

  • BrainPool Faculty Fellowship, National Research Foundation (2020)

  • Nominee, Developing Scholars Award, Florida State University (2018)

  • Featured Speaker, Randy Sitter Technometrics Session, QPRC/SRC by American Statistical Association (2014)

  • Award for Research Excellence, FAMU-FSU Engineering (2014).

  • Best Application Paper Award in the IIE Transactions Focused Issue on Quality and Reliability Engineering, Institute of Industrial Engineers (2014).

  • Ralph E. Powe Jr. Faculty Enhancement Award, Oak Ridge Associated Universities (2013).

  • First Year Assistant Professor Award, Florida State University - Council of Research and Creativity (2012).

  • First Place in Best Student Paper Award, IEEE Conference on Automation Science & Engineering (2008).